22) Inspiration: Fall Leaves and other Fall Treasures

This weekend My best friend Emily asked me if I had any ideas about what to do with all the fall leaves her 3 year old collects and brings home. This is also a serious problem at our house. Most days the very short trip from the car to the house results in some sort of nature collection. I know we are not alone as I see other moms pulling acorns out of their purse and seed pods out of their pockets. I love that the kids collect these items, I get that they find these things beautiful and fascinating. But I also get what Emily is saying, What to do with all the collections? Certainly some things find their way to the trash (usually while the collectors are sleeping so hopefully they won't notice) but other things could be used for fun projects. So today I am sharing some inspiration for what to do with all the fall leaves and other gathered treasures.

Things to Make:

Books to Read:
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert - Inspiration for a leaf collage
Leaf Jumpers by Carole Gerber and Leslie Evans  - good guide for going on a leaf hunt