7) Inspiration: Puzzles

A few months ago we made these fun floor puzzles in our dining room. Ever since then the Bee has been on a serious puzzle spree. She loves figuring out how the pieces fit together and is so proud when she finishes a puzzle all by herself. At this point she has done every puzzle we own many, many, many times, so this week I am looking for a little puzzle inspiration.

Stuff to Make: I have seen lots of variations on the the DIY wooden block and popsicle stick puzzles but this one might be my favorite. A DIY Fabric Puzzle Blocks from Craftiness Is Not Optional. The Bean would probably like this puzzle/family photo album from Love Them Madly.

Things to Do: Lunch would be a little more fun with these puzzle sandwich cutters from Spoon Sisters. We have a few puzzles that have lost a piece or two. I like this idea of giving the puzzles pieces a new life as fridge magnets from Real Simple.

Books to Read: Seems like this might be a good puzzle related book to read.