6) Inspiration: Breakfast

My kids are on a breakfast strike. While for the most part I would consider them to both be pretty good eaters, they seem to go through these phases where they just don't want breakfast. It's mostly about the time (and I suspect the time change triggered this most recent strike) they just aren't really hungry for breakfast until later in the morning. While I get this, because this is how I work too, I can't let them eat later on a school morning. And I don't feel good about sending a kid to school who hasn't eaten anything. So this week I am on the hunt for some breakfast inspiration.

Stuff to Make: 10 Easy and Healthy Alternatives to Packaged Breakfast Cereal for Kids some great ideas I can't wait to try from Childhood 101, Or maybe a Breakfast Banana Split will win them over!

Things to Do: I often find that the more involved the girls are in making the meal the better they eat (although this plan recently backfired, as you will see in a post next week) so I enjoyed this post from Tinkerlab and I love the knives she uses in this post!

Books to Read: One of my most favorite books to read aloud to kids Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly By Carolyn Parkhurst might inspire a little breakfast eating and for a little fun at breakfast Funny Food: 365 Healthy, Silly and Creative Breakfasts By Bill Wurtzel

If all else fails perhaps I will try this option.

Do you have a favorite breakfast recipe or suggestions for encouraging children to eat breakfast? I would love any help!