36) Make Butter

 Last Summer my sister sent me an email that just said "This is exciting" with this link. When I opened the link and found a post titled "Make Your Own Butter" I quickly realized what was so exciting. The post described how to make your own butter in 20 minutes using two ingredients, so easy even my 3 year old could do it! I recently remembered the email and thought we should give it a try. We bought a small container of heavy cream at the grocery store and poured half of it into a glass jar, put the lid on and started shaking. We took turns shaking, danced while shaking, jumped while shaking and sang while shaking. I will say that I probably did a majority of the legitimate shaking and my arms were tired. In about 15 minutes I could no longer hear anything sloshing around in there, so we shook for a few more minutes and then took the lid off for a peak. Our heavy cream had formed a largish clump. We had a little extra liquid that we poured out of the jar and were left with a rich, creamy butter. Our first batch was sort of the consistency of a light whipped butter, which I love.  Later we made another jar and shook it for even longer and this time the butter was a thicker, heavier consistency. Both were delicious so I think it is up to your preference or arm strength!