29) Oregon Ridge Nature Center and Playground

Yesterday was the perfect Fall day for a trip to the playground! For the next stop on our Playground Tour we visited Oregon Ridge. Oregon Ridge is a large park in the Hunt Valley area. The park is very large with lots of walking trails, a nature center, a beach and even a theatre. Today we started our trip at the Nature Center, which is located right next to the Oregon Ridge Beach just off of Shwan Road behind the Oregon Grille. The Nature Center is a small building with info, maps and displays about the plants and wildlife in the park. The girls liked looking at the turtles, snakes and working bee hive. We then got back in the car and drove just a little further down Beaver Dam Road to the playground. The Bee referred to this as the bridge playground on the way home and I think that was a great descriptio. The play areas are divided into a 2-5 play area and big kid playground and the big kid playground has bridges and ramps connecting the whole thing which allows kids to run back and forth along the whole thing. We really liked this playground, it was big without being to big, easy visibility and plenty to do! Not to mention that you get to enjoy the scenic view of Oregon Ridge Park.

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