50) Curate a Post-it Note Art Gallery

Post-it Notes have been all the rage at our house lately. Ever since I put them into our Travel Tins, they have been all about them. The other day while I was making some lunch the girls were sitting at the table drawing. All of the sudden it seemed very quiet. The kind of quiet that every mom knows means trouble. I walked in to find this (see picture above.)

When they saw me round the corner I must have had my "what kind of trouble are you up to" face on because the Bee quickly jumped up to welcome me to her art museum. At which, of course, I could not be the least bit mad at. After giving me a tour of their museum and telling me who had drawn what, they went back to work. Over the next few days they continued to draw more pictures and arrange and re-arrange their exhibit. Over time some of the Post-it's have lost their stick, but at this point, almost two weeks later the gallery is still up and being worked on!